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An Affiliate of OAUG

OAUGEBS Security SIG Banner

Welcome to the E-Business Suite Security SIG

The OAUG EBS Security SIG (Special Interest Group) is one of OAUG's newest affiliated groups. You can now join this SIG through your OAUG profile to receive updates and information on this OAUG Special Interest (SIG) group.
OAUG E-Business Suite Security Upcoming Events:
OAUG E-Business Suite Security Webinar:  05-Oct-2018 11:00AM ET
    OAUG E-Business Suite Security Webinar Agenda:
        OAUG E-Business Suite Security SIG Introduction   (Michael Barone, Sr. DBA)
        Oracle E-Business Security Topics                            (Lionel Moreno, Sr. DBA)
        Oracle E-Business STIGS Federal Security               (Frank Dobrzenski, Sr. Security DBA)
        Oracle E-Business Security Topics                            (Mike Miller, Sr. Security DBA)
OAUG Collaborate19:  07-Apr-2019 through 11-Apr-2019
(San Antonio, Texas).
Oracle Openworld 2018:  22-Oct-2018 Through 25-Oct-2018
Oracle OpenWorld is here!

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