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E-Business Suite Security:

E-Business Suite Security SIG:

E-Business Suite 11i/12 Securing Your Environment 

Wed 05-April-2017:  OAUG EBS Security SIG                                    11:00AM - 12:00PM Jasmine-F

E-Business Suite 11i/12 Securing Your Environment: Attendees who attend the OAUG E-Business Suite Security SIG, will leave with a better understanding of the:

•    E-Business 11i/12.1/12.2  External-Exposure Security Risks/Remediations.
•    Security is an Interdisciplinary Strategy


E-Business Suite Security

  • Secure Configuration Guide for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.0, 12.1, and 12.2.
  • Oracle Support: Security Scripts 403537.1

E-Business Suite Security Configuration Check Scripts (ZIP)

Oracle Support: Security Scripts 403537.1

  1. Keep Oracle-Software Updated.
  2. Restrict Network Access to E-Business Suite Enviroments
  3. Follow the Principle of Least-Privilege
  4. Monitor System Activity
  5. Keep Up-To-Date on the latest Security Information

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